About Women’s Outdoor Network

Women’s Outdoor Network, Inc. (WON, Inc.) is a non-profit, volunteer organization  that has been serving the Metro Atlanta women’s community for over 20 years by providing a fun and safe environment for indoor, outdoor and social activities, as well as opportunities to volunteer your time in the local community.

Over the years WON has transformed itself from being predominantly an outdoor organization to one that is now fully encompassing of the myraid pursuits  that our members have come to enjoy.  We do have something to fit everyone’s tastes and inclinations!

2011 marks some big changes for us as we continue to move forward  in creating an organization that everyone can feel proud to be a part of.   In addition to updating our website, we have also created a members-only Facebook presence for easier communication.  We are also pleased to announce the inclusion of a new section for opportunities to volunteer your time in the local community.

Our mission is  to  create a community that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive, providing a safe environment where you can have fun, make friends and become more active.

All WON activities and events are NO SMOKING.  Please respect your fellow members by refraining from smoking in or around functions being held.


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